About the Club

We are a friendly motorcycle association based at The Glenfield Pavillion, Glenfield Road, Leicester. Whether you own a scooter, classic, sports bike, tourer, or do not own a motorcycle at all, we accept anyone with an interest in motorcycling. There are four key aspects to our club: social nights, motor-touring, weekend ride-outs and custom/ restoration projects.

We meet at our clubhouse on Western Park every Thursday 7 ’til late for our social nights where we get together to talk about all things motorcycle (and things not motorcycle related), play pool, darts, and generally be with like-minded people. Thursday nights are always warm and welcoming events. As well as our Thursday night meets, we put on social events throughout the year including karaoke nights, BBQ’s, parties, and quiz nights

Our members regularly arrange weekend ride-outs to locations all over Great Britain. We have a dedicated runs captain who puts on weekend right-outs throughout the year. Our members regularly record their rides and can be view on our clubhouse big screen TV.

The club’s members regularly tour on their motorcycles with events taking members all over the UK and abroad. We regularly attend the FIM European Rallies, which take our members all over the European Union. Camping rallies, Race weekends, and general touring

Recently, our members have started restoring and customising classic motorcycles to take part in custom competitions and shows. Our very own Chris Athey recently won second place in the 2018 Kickback Motorcycle Show and is looking forward to presenting his custom machines in future events.

Whatever your interest in motorcycles we provide a welcoming atmosphere, so why not visit us at our clubhouse?